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Happy New School Year! – Curriculum News

Welcome all to the start of another year in Class 10. I am very excited about the year ahead.

Please take time to read the Curriculum News to find out details about Class 10 this half term.

Class Letter / Curriculum News

Class 10 Autumn 2014

 G’day! The children have made a great start to the school year. There are a few details and arrangements I would like to make you aware of as we continue this great start.

For the first half term we will be linking much of our learning to the Year 5 / 6 topic of ‘Survival’. This will provide great opportunities to make cross subject links and be  creative with our learning.

Each class will continue to adopts a country and make subject links, in creative ways, all through the school year. Our country is Australia.

This term Class 10 have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday. They will also be visiting the village library every third Friday. I wish to encourage each child to make sure they bring the necessary equipment on the appropriate day.

Your child also has a home reading book. I would be grateful if you could hear your child read as often as possible. This will not only develop their reading but is key to developing their writing. These books will be changed regularly.

Class homework is given on a Thursday and is to be completed and returned by the following Tuesday. Your child will also receive homework from their numeracy group teacher, which is given and taken in on an individual group basis. In preparation for the challenges of high school I may also give extra homework on other occasions to get them used to this practice. Sometimes, as an extra challenge, I ask children to find things out as a way to continue to motivate them in their learning. This however, is not part of the usual homework routine and I only ask children to complete it if they wish.

To further prepare your child for the challenges and opportunities of high school I do ask that any initial queries you or your child may have are first dealt with by your child. However if the query cannot be sorted out then by all means do contact me.

I am looking forward to meeting you all over this coming year.


Mr M Curwen.

Science – Your dominant side!

Class 10 conducted fantastic science experiments to work out their dominant side.








       What surprised you the most Class 10?

Moon Talk Rev Ken Clapham 16.3.14

What a treat!!! Listening all about the exploration of the moon. We even got to see a small flag that had actually been on the moon!




DT Moon Buggies – Spring 2014

Class 10 have been designing fantastic moon buggies. They needed to think of the various challenges that vehicles faced when exploring the moon.

Here is a selection of our finished designs.

Class 10…What would you do differently next time?

Does anyone have any postitive improvements we could make?

P1050992 P1050995 P1050977 P1050978 P1050980 P1050981 P1050983 P1050984 P1050986 P1050987

Safter Internet Day – Tuesday 11th February 14

Class 10 have thought about some of the information they would like to know. Please add anything else you have thought of.

It will be a really exciting day.

What we want to know!

What we want to know!

Class 10 Art Sketches 29.1.14 –

P1050894 P1050896 P1050897 P1050905 P1050893 P1050898 P1050892 P1050888

Fire Safety Talk

Yesterday in Year 6 we had a fire safety talk. We learnt important information about what to do in emergency situations.

Let everyone know Year 6!!



Philosophy for Schools

This morning Mr John Foster and four students from Lancaster University came into Bolton-le-Sands to teach us about philosophy.

We spent this morning looking at the following two topics:

  • What is fair?
  • What makes a friend?

I would really like to know what you found the most interesting from your discussions this morning.

Mr Foster collecting our ideas

Mr Foster collecting our ideas

Mr Foster making us think!

Mr Foster making us think!

Some of our ideas

Some of our ideas

Super Space Science – Light!

Makng Shadows

Makng Shadows





In Class 10 we have been learning about ‘Light’. Look at the pictures of the activities we have been doing to understand how light works and how we see.

Let me know what you remember!!

Mr Curwen



In Class 10 we have been learning about writng using ‘Falshbacks’. I would really like it if you would give me a starting sentence to begin a flashback paragraph or even write a short flashback yourself.

Happy Writing!!!

Mr Curwen