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Caption Competition Class 10

Class 10 – Get your creative heads on! I am interested to find the funniest caption to go with the picture below.

The funniest one will get it’s own post!

Happy thinking!!!!

Can you think of a caption?

Can you think of a caption?

Creativity Competition Prize!


Class 10 have created two disco balls!

This was the winning idea suggested by Casper and Victoria from Class 6.

Washing Basket Competition Winners

A HUGE Thank you to all pupils and teachers who entered our ‘Washing Basket Competition’. We had really great ideas and found it hard to choose the winner.

But the winner is.. 



Victoria and Caspar from Class 6 who decided that the washing basket should be made into a disco ball.

Log on later this week to find out what the ‘Creative Prize’ is!

Class 10