Class 10

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Autumn Term 1

I really like being in Class 10 it’s fun.
The three things I have really enjoyed so far are being able to blog,doing Aboriginal art and study skills.I really enjoy these things because I love being able to share what we’ve  done in class to the world, I love art and I like working with different groups and doing different activities.
The one thing I want to devolp is my maths because I’m not that good with fractions and decimals and this subject is one of my weakest.


Half Term Holiday

Dear Diary,

On the first Tuesday my mums side of the family came down,so altogether there was 10 people plus 1 which was my grandma.

When they had settled it at my grandmas they came over to ours, when  they came over they had a look around our house, then we rested for a bit and had a little chat.

Then we all went for a little walk down the canal it was cold but very nice. After we went to the Royal.



Class 10




class 10

Half Term News

Hi Class 10

I hope you are having a great holiday. I would really like to know what you have been getting up to! Please leave me a short diary entry from one of your days or a part of a day. I would like it to be written in the past tense and begin ‘Dear Diary’

If I publish any, you could then comment on each others.

See you after half term!

Mr Curwen